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Waged Membership


Membership including a Newsletter



Established in 1991, the Rockhampton Women’s Health Centre is managed by a group of women from the local community.

The Centre offers:

Counselling (face to face and telephone for rural women)
Information on Health issues and services
Workshops, groups and information sessions
A Resource Centre

The Centre works from a strength based perspective, which recognises, acknowledges and values differences and diversity and aims to empower women and their families through the development of their strengths. Empowerment is a process which increases a woman’s control over her life.

Steps to becoming a member:

Read the principles and philosophies of WHIRS outlined under the additional information tab on this page.
If you are in agreement with the principles and philosophies of WHIRS, please pay the membership fee
Your application will be finalised at the next management group meeting.

In accordance with the rules of this service, the Women’s Health Information and & Referral Service has the right to reject any application.

Additional information


Provide opportunities, support, and resources for social and political action and change at individual, group and social levels.

Be run as a collective, the centre of power is owned and retained by women who are consulted about policies and activities.

Be committed to community awareness and research, of National Women’s Health Program needs: recognising all factors that affect health.

Ensure consumers rights to independent expression, decision and action are recognised, and that they are given respect, dignity and consideration.

Seek to empower women by validating past, present and future perceptions and choices: affirming each woman’s unique story, wisdom, knowledge and experiences.

Encourage mutual support and care for women by women: fostering the celebration of their lives and affirming their dreaming.

Be committed to providing quality services and processes which are accessible to all women of all ages in Central Queensland.

Foster political awareness as it relates to the promotion of WHP.

Be committed to providing services and resources that are socially and culturally appropriate.

Support affirmative action and seek to give extra emphasis and resources to women at some disadvantage in the present system, in an effort to redress the imbalance.